Is Video Content the “Missing Link” in Your Campaign?

Is Video Content the “Missing Link” in Your Campaign?

You’re pushing out text, social media posts, and images. You have your email marketing flowing fluidly with decent results. Could video be the “missing link” you haven’t yet explored? Significant evidence from multiple case studies by many different companies shows the answer may be yes, but there’s a catch: you need to pair it with sound analytics to make it work.

Video is More Emotionally Compelling

According to a report by Vidyard (and thousands of psychology marketing experts who agree), video content is inherently more emotionally compelling. That’s mostly because it engages at least two senses at the same time. But it’s also because humans often find it easier to connect with video compared to text or images alone.

The Evidence Proves Good Videos Work

Like other forms of content, video content only works when it’s good. You can’t just toss out a video and hope it performs without giving any thought to what it’s actually saying and how well it serves your audience.

For example, the same study from Vidyard reveals that how much your audience enjoys a video can impact conversions by up to 97 percent. Brand recognition improves by nearly 140 percent, far outpacing anything images alone could ever provide.

But what exactly makes a good video? Primarily, you need to know your audience; until you do, you can’t really determine whether you’re meeting their needs. You also need to tell a story, and that means you can’t focus solely on being salesy or over-sell your product. Videos should be compelling, engaging, and entertaining, with just the right amount of emotion, humor, or suspense to keep people tuned in.

Video Analytics are the Key

Video content is also similar to text and images in that it takes thorough analytics and on-point demographics to determine whether you’re doing it right. But it’s even more complex because it isn’t always easy to see that success. A YouTube video for a well-known brand can have thousands of likes, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually resulting in conversions or sales on the back end.

Modern video analytics do much more than tell you how many people are watching; they tell you who is watching, where they come from, their average age, and in some cases, deep demographics like language, city of origin, past consumer behaviors, and how likely they are to convert. They also reveal other important metrics, including how many viewers watched the whole video, how many watched only one part, and the precise point when viewers watch, skip, and watch again.

This information is extremely useful. Not only does it reveal when your content is working, but it also tells you exactly which demographics you need to target or avoid to succeed. It’s all about tunneling down to create content that makes your viewers think “yes, that’s me!”

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