Best-Practice Tips for Conversion Optimization

Best-Practice Tips for Conversion Optimization

Optimizing your website for conversions can be really frightening, especially if you’re a layperson. Truthfully, it’s even a little bit scary for experts; there’s always a moment of anticipation and testing before they can be sure the change works. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to ameliorate the risk of a negative change before it happens. These best-practices tips for conversion optimization are simple and effective enough for almost anyone to increase sales and signups.

Ditch Lengthy Signup Forms

When it comes time for customers to sign up or convert, how easy is it for them to do so? How much information do you collect before you forward the order? Your number one goal is to create simple, effective signup forms that collect only the information you need in as few questions as possible. If your forms feel more like 20 questions, or require more than a minute or two to fill out, it’s time to trim the fat.

Just how effective is this one simple change? According to guru Neil Patel, it could improve your conversions by up to 672 percent. Best of all, it’s one of the easiest changes to make without significant interruptions.

Improve Imagery

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using stock photos to fill image spaces when you’re building web pages and sites. After all, so many businesses do it – is it really that bad?

The answer is a solid “it depends.” Stock photos aren’t really the problem; the issue is that most webmasters don’t choose the right stock photos to really drive relatability and improve conversions. They choose abstract photos, art, or free stock images of objects (examples here, here, and here).

At first glance, it’s difficult to see what’s wrong with these pictures. The first two are nice and bright and clear; by artistic standards, they’re terrific. But they miss out on a critical aspect of engagement: showing real people doing real things.

This Marketing Experiments study compared the use of generic stock photos with images of real people (stock or otherwise). The result? A nearly 35 percent increase in conversion when the researchers used people versus abstracts or line art. That’s the power of human relatability at work.

Increase Video Content

If an image of a human increases conversions, what about videos with real, live humans? Video content is quickly growing as the next most popular media format, both on social media platforms and on websites.

How should you use video content? Try creating entertaining videos that showcase your products, demonstrate use, or deliver product-critical narratives with storyboards. You can also take routes similar to Apple, YouTube, and Tesla, creating video “commercials” that inspire emotion.

Take a look at Vidyard’s case study; by adding a single video to their conversion page, they were able to lift conversions by nearly 100 percent. Adding a lightbox modal bumped results even higher, exceeding that value for more improvement.

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