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Marketing Automation

“An effective strategy that allows you to build your brand and or message – and creates processes that allow you to personalize messages to a targeted audience – leading to increased conversions.”

Marketing Automation – Turn Visitors in to leads and leads into Customers

Marketing Automation Solutions today are dramatic improvements over systems available in the past. Easy to use solutions that allow you and your team to engage with customers, understand where they are in the buying process and build messages and workflows to help them move through the buying process. Providing them information when their actions indicate they are ready for it.

  1. Understand What the Visitors to your site are interested in, and respond accordingly. Todays solutions allow you to monitor and have automated responses ready to keep the customer engaged and at the same time keeping your sales force aware of how the potential client is progressing through the buying process.
  2. Leverage Powerful, Timely and Targeted Email Messages – This is not really Email Marketing per se, it’s One to One Email Responses based on actions, the potential client has made on your site.
  3. Landing Page Personalization takes it a step further – by presenting information that is tailored to the individual and where they are in the buying process – engagement and conversions go up dramatically.
  4. Marketing Automation allows your sales and marketing team to understand where the potential client is in the buying process. Engage and respond as appropriate, and ultimately build better relationships with both potential and existing clients.
  5. Consider leveraging Curated Content – Content is a critical component of any Marketing Automation Solution – tweaking the curated content to provide your unique perspective – makes it meaningful and keeps the conversation moving along the path to conversion.
  6. Measure and monitor – know your cost of acquisition – track where they go, what they do, and when they complete the desired task (Call to Action). Doing this on an ongoing basis allows you to improve your marketing efforts over time and optimize your marketing spend accordingly.

Marketing Automation is a great way to generate new leads and grow your sales

As your online marketing efforts expand be sure to consider adding Marketing Automation to your Marketing Strategy Call your WSI Consultant today to find out how your marketing efforts can be multiplied by leveraging a Marketing Automation Solution to sharpen your focus on a targeted audience that generates more leads for your business.

Get better conversion rates with Marketing Automation.