3 reasons email marketing still matters

Take one look at the number of messages and advertisements in your inbox and you may wonder how anyone actually gets through them all in a day. Consider
the number you delete without opening and you may even find yourself questioning whether or not email marketing is still relevant at all. It is. Here’s
why it absolutely is.

Remarkable ROI

When it comes to return on investment, emails are still among the highest converters. Why? It takes relatively little time or money to create a well-developed
email campaign. That doesn’t mean you can slack off, though. Your subject line has to be attention-grabbing and the content inside needs to be just
as captivating. According to Capterra, the average return for every dollar spent on email marketing is approximately $44. Your marketing team can also
use your emails as a source of analytical data, even if you don’t always offer up a sale.

Coupons Drive Sales

Everyone loves a good deal and most consumers are watching for coupons before making purchases. Data from Nielsen, Deloitte, and Shop.org shows that consumers
subscribe to emails to save money, that they find coupons important, and that more than 60 percent have printed a coupon from an email before making
a purchase. Your audience may not always open or read every email, but they’re watching for the items they find relevant to their needs. Make sure
your headlines are clear as to whether or not there is a savings to be found inside.

Email Appeals to a Different Audience

Yes, there are plenty of people all over social media willing to follow your brand. Those people are looking for quick bites of information and tend to
move on rather quickly. While you may grab some of your audience with Facebook status updates and a myriad of Tweets, the part of your audience that
has knowingly subscribed to your email list is waiting for something deeper, more relevant, and more useful. Despite the high percentages of users
on social media platforms, the number of people with an email account is even higher.

More than 70% of companies recognize email marketing as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. According to DOMO, more than 200 million
emails are sent out every single minute. Are yours among them? If not, get in touch with us here eBiz WSI Solutions to find out how we can help you
propel your email marketing strategy.